Third Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival

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Event #02 -- WNUR radio station (Thur, Oct 2nd)
This event features live audio connections between WNUR and Mills College (Oakland, CA) and Richmond, Virginia. The performance will be broadcast live, on WNUR-at 89.3 FM, and streaming live at

performers at WNUR:
Renée Baker — violin
Taalib-Din Ziyad — vocals
Ben Boye — harmonium
Jon Godston — soprano saxophone
Saalik Ziyad — vocals
Joel Wanek — upright bass
Fred Jackson — saxophone
Joshua Manchester — drums
Dan Godston — trumpet
Ritwik Banerji — saxophone

performers at Mills College:
Christopher M. Skebo — trumpet
Karl A. D. Evangelista — electric guitar
David Harrison Horton — poetry
Jason Hoopes — upright bass
Akiko Hatakeyama — flute
Tomás Diaz — electric guitar
Curtis McKinney — upright bass
Alex Vittum — drum set
Jordan Glenn — percussion

performers in Richmond, VA:
JC Kuhl — tenor saxophone
other TBA musicians

WNUR (89.3FM) Radio Station
Northwestern University
1877 Campus Dr
Evanston, IL 60208

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Price: $5.00

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