Third Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival

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Event #10 -- Peter Jones Gallery (Wed, Oct 8th)
1st set
Glenn Weyant (invented instruments), Matt Weston (drums), Michael Erzen (artbot), & Eric Leonardson (springboard)

2nd set
Renée Baker Project 6
Katherine Stubbins — trombone
Chuck Bontrager — electric violin
Christian Dillingham — bass
Bruce Nelson — vibes & percussion
Chris Avgerin — drums
Renée Baker — violin & viola

This performance involves a collaboration with the composer Geejay Arriola.

3rd set
Eric Glick Rieman — prepared Rhodes electric piano
Jeff Albert — trombone
Dan Godston — trumpet
Joel Wanek — upright bass
Marcus Evans — drums

Peter Jones Gallery
1806 W Cuyler St
Chicago, IL 60613

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